"I Choose Love" Meditation

The world is beautiful.

People are beautiful.

All opportunities to reflect Our true self and express the love that I am. 

Everything is an invitation and opportunity to love. 

We are so amazing. 

We are so beautiful.

To love myself is to love the entire world. 

To love another is to love myself.

Where does the fear and resistance enter in?

From the idea of separateness.

The idea that I am not already whole. 

This manifests in self-doubt, self-consciousness, fear of rejection, etc.

What part of me chooses this?

Love is what I am.

It is all I have to give. 

I am enough.

I am.

This world exists in love.

There is nothing else.

I have a choice.

I choose love.

I choose love.

There is no separation.

We all reflect each other.

We exist because I am.

I bow down to the divine Self with gratitude and humility.

How blessed I am to exist as a divine expression of that One.

My heart is vast with no limits. 

In love all flows.

All comes. All goes.

Each moment is a Wow moment. 

I feel resistance within me to expand into that fulness. 

Grandfather tells me there’s nothing to fear. 

I am held constantly.

Breath is the connection between body and spirit. 

Each breath I am held. 

There’s nothing I need to do.

Just relax in bliss and marvel at this.

I choose to be truly born as spirit in body.

A light in the world. 

My happiness lies in service. 

To show up in every moment in love. 

The gifts and contentment know no bounds.

I see myself in each heart.

I see myself in each manifestation of this creation.

I’ve limited the capacity of my heart.

No more. 

Love I am and love I want.

Nothing else.

I bow down to all my teachers. 

The world is as I create it. 

I’ve surrounded myself with my own projections.

Now I choose love.

We are all beautiful.

I only have beautiful, loving people in my life.

People I can laugh with, cry with, dance with, embrace, marvel in awe with.

I have abundance.

I have myself.

I have my courageous spirit.

I have my loving heart.

I have so much to give. 

I choose love.

I have my breath.

I have the Great Mother.

She holds me at all times.

Whenever I turn towards her she is there for me instantly in anything I need.

I get tired sometimes.

I get disheartened. 

I feel lost sometimes. 

Whenever I’m ready to turn towards her and release the burden of responsibility

and just surrender, she is there with open arms. 

I feel so held.

I feel so soothed. 

I have no worries. 

She looks after everything. 

I just get to BE!

I just get to be!

I just can’t express the gratitude that I feel. 

The gift of this life to just be and play in love.

How can it get better than this?

The world is not my responsibility.

My only responsibility is to be.

Just be.

All healing comes from that place of surrender. 

Trying to heal can only harm.

Trust. Surrender. I am held.


Whatever I need is always a breath away.

The truth is that Self realization is not spectacular. 

It is natural.

Resistance is spectacular.

Relax into realization.

There’s nothing to do.

Just be. 

I am completely healed the moment I choose to be.

Not through an act of doing, but through surrender to what provides all.

All steps are guided naturally and effortlessly.

Each step and each breath in the fulness of all that is.

This is it! 

Just be!

I’m so excited to share this with the world!

Grandfather says: Be still. Relax. You exist and that is enough for the world. There’s nothing to do.

I release and grieve for times when I haven’t felt fully loved.

I release the sense of loneliness.

Where am I not?

Who’s alone?

The answer is always “I love you”.

There is no being ahead or behind.

We’re all just on this journey of life together. 

Let’s love ourselves.

Let’s love each other.

Let’s relax into the bliss of what the Divine intended. 

H’OM Miami USA

Nov 5, 2023