Intuitive Coaching for Life & Business

Personal Growth when Running a Business

Personal Growth when Running a Business

This interview's content is in relation to business but it applies equally to any area of life and will give you an introdution and experience of my coaching style.

In this interview, I offer advice about running a business that relies more on intuition and vision rather than the blueprints with clear steps.

We talk about patience and consistency, assessing your strengths, engaging with your customers to figure out how you can improve what’s working and change what’s not.

It’s been my observation that the answers are within ourselves and if we become still then things that require our immediate attention naturally bubble to the surface and clarity is a natural byproduct of speaking to and exploring these things.

It’s not about arriving at intellectual understanding. It’s about allowing energy to flow. Once this energy has been given the opportunity to flow freely and be released, presence and peacefulness are the natural byproducts. From this state of clarity we can make effective decisions and wise choices in our life.

My approach is to provide a safe container that encourages things that are present and important for us to come to the surface, be expressed and released.

If this is something that resonates with you, then go ahead and book some time. I look forward experiencing presence together.

I think the answers to all the bigger questions of life like, "what's my purpose", "who am I", etc., the answers to those questions are not arrived at through some intellectual exercise. They come to use like the fragrance of a flower. We experience the answer through the process of living life and going through life. The best thing we can do is be in the moment.

Trust, patience and courage are key ingredients to navigating life. And in order to get the full benefits of trust, it is essential to have a deeper relationship with ourselves to be able to listen to ourselves more deeply.

So the practice of presence, the practice of hearing what's present to us, acknowledging what's present to us, allowing what's present to us, giving voice to what's present to us, ultimately, the result of that is being ourselves.

All of our experience is who we are. There can be a tendency to have a fixed idea of who we are, and therefore, have some sort of internal filtering process where we allow certain things and deny others. But the fact of the matter is that if something is there to be allowed or denied then it is a part of who we are.

When we practice denying aspects of ourself over a period of time we lose touch with who we are. We begin to lose the sensitivity to hear the things that are happening within us because we've chosen not to listen. We've chosen to push them away simply because we are operating from a false sense of self based on past conditioning.

The intuitive coaching sessions are about getting back to this natural process of being ourselves. It's not about accumulating knowledge. It’s not about creating new structures or learning tools. It's about being present with what is. In practicing that over time, we simply allow ourselves to be ourselves. And when we are allowing ourselves to be ourselves, wherever life takes us, whatever comes to us, we will make choices from a place of centeredness of who we are, not of who we think we are based on past experiences.

Who we are is a mystery that’s meant to be experienced. It's not something to fix or to pin down or to define. This is where courage comes in because it can feel uneasy to recognize that even within ourselves there is no fixed, static, stable thing that we can hold onto. Change is the only constant. So naturally, we are changing all the time too. This process of coming back in touch and honoring this aspect of impermanence is the healthy way to be.

How can I help? I've been talking about this natural process of coming into presence and being still, etc, but we're all very tricky and we have different ways of how we resist coming into this balance. The way that I can help is to ease the path of this natural flow. I don't see it as my job to direct the flow, but I do see it as what I can do to help the flow become unimpeded through facilitating supportive conditions and asking guiding questions. There are other things I do too, but I can't speak to them directly without limiting them. I could describe the flower to you, but it would be the same. The fragrance can only be experienced.

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