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I offer sliding scale pricing to accommodate those in all types of situations. In the spirit of mutual respect and trust, I operate on the honor system and ask that you choose the option below that best aligns with your current circumstances.

45-minute session

BOOK | $88

20-minute session

BOOK | $21


"Eric's presence is very calming and perceptive. He is good at bringing to light areas that need more attention and focus while maintaining a compassionate and non-judgmental stance."

Lisa Cline Artist and Coach


Artist & Coach

"I've known Eric for over a decade. He's one of the few people I know who can hold space as a coach across different spectrums. His insight can change the trajectory of your life and business, as it's done for me."

Ali Jafarian Entrepreneur and Coach


Founder of MemberDev

"Eric has a vast knowledge of online business and not only was he able to give me insight into the practicalities of business but also some beautiful insights into life around my business."

Alex Moody Al's Drum School


Founder of Al's Drum School

"Eric helped me step out of my mental gridlock and conditioning and focus on encountering those resolutions within, as well as finding the courage and solace to stand firmly in that power."

Ana Valverde Voice Actor


Voice Actor

"Eric is a kind, compassionate mentor, a calming presence, and a great listener. He helped me find the confidence to see that I already had the answers inside while also challenging me to expand what I thought was possible for me at the same time."

Natalie Walstein Soulshine Astrology


Founder of Soulshine Astrology

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