Osa Playing in the Snow

December 20, 2018
Osa Playing in the Snow

While living on 40 acres of land, off-grid in Santa Fe, NM we had some amazing snowfalls and plenty of room to prance around in it. After a night of epic snow, Osa and I embarked on our morning walk to make fresh tracks in the snow. Our journey took us up the mountain to our favorite spot overlooking the mesa.

I edited the video footage together and then wrote some music for it.

I started with the piano. I just sat and watched the video and played what came to me. I stuck with the third take (mistakes included) and then I added the instrumentation I felt it needed. The french horn was an obvious choice to convey the majesty of the landscape. The flutes communicate playfulness. I played each instrument in realtime while watching the video and I didn't do any editing or polishing work.

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