"Honest Expression" Inspired by the Dao De Jing

April 22, 2022
Song inspired by a passage from the Dao De Jing

“The supreme goodness is like water

It benefits all things without contention

In dwelling, it stays grounded

In being, it flows to depths

In expression, it is honest

In confrontation, it stays gentle

In governance it does not control

In action, it aligns to timing

It is content with its nature,

And therefore cannot be faulted.“

Dao De Jing, Passage 8

I wrote this song inspired by this passage from the Dao De Jing. I started by playing the Native American flute. I then added each part with a focus on not thinking about it. No wrong notes. No wrong timing. Using convolution reverb I’ve put all the instruments in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza to achieve the long reverb. I also added a recording I took of birds when I was living in the mountains of Santa Fe.

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