Vulnerability and Success

February 03, 2022

My weekly MemberMouse Office Hours sessions are a terrific opportunity for me to have one-on-one conversations with entrepreneurs at every stage of their business. Carl Munson, a new MemberMouse customer building a site for expats in Portugal, joined the call. The conversation that followed is one that is applicable to many in the getting started phase.

We talk about the initial blockers that can get in the way when trying to put a site together. This is not limited to technical hurdles but also the mental and psychological questions that come up for anyone while packaging their offer and sharing it with others. This can be a very vulnerable time for an entrepreneur, complete with self-doubt and uncertainty about being good enough, combined with being overwhelmed by an ever growing list of things to do. In this conversation, we reframe this initial phase as an iterative process that is ongoing as opposed to an ultimate perfect presentation that is set forth into the world. I invite you to watch this exploration and hope it sheds some light on questions you've been wrestling with.

After our conversation Carl prepared a video with his takeaways and insights from our conversation.

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