Interview on the XpoNorth Podcast with Tim Wright

March 17, 2020
Interview on the XpoNorth Podcast with Tim Wright

XpoNorth launches its first of many podcasts starting with XpoNorth Digital Sector Specialist, Tim Wright, in conversation with the founder of MemberMouse, Eric Turnnessen, where they discuss what MemberMouse is, how to make a membership model work, and Eric's life as a creative.

Membership or Patronage models are increasingly popular ways for creatives to build communities of interest around their work and to monetize that engagement by offering specialist and privileged access to their content and creative process.

There are many options and models available to begin the process of building a relationship with your members and patrons ranging from very simple to much more sophisticated tools.

MemberMouse is one of the more sophisticated and feature-rich options available and we had the opportunity to speak to its founder and CEO Eric Turnnessen.

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